About the project

The Classic Tetris DataBase project started in March 2019, when Chris Foryst joined the Classic Tetris community. Being aware that he is kind of a data addict and low-skill player, he started gathering as much info about the Classic Tetris tournaments, starting with the first Classic Tetris World Championship in 2010.

This website is shared work of Chris and other interested people from the community - players, other tournament organizers, etc. The plan for it is to provide all information from the tournaments to interested viewers in nice form.

About the project team

Krzysztof "ChrisForyst" Dąbrowski - main person responsible for the whole database. Also one of the admins of Classic Tetris Community and Classic Tetris PAL Discord servers, one of the organizers of Classic Tetris PAL online tournament and CTWC Poland tournament, host of Classic Tetris Entertainment event and memetic commentator who got himself known to the world with "Woop!"
Here, responsible for most of the things for the data on the website.

Language Admins: AdamMts02 (Polish), -JJ (Finnish), Marq (German), Japorto (Portuguese)

Numerous other contributors: Daniel Song, vandweller, galoomba, KofiOW, TegaMech, moodeuce, HydrantDude8, Kirby703...