Witajcie w pierwszym centrum danych poświęconym zmaganiom Tetrisa Klasycznego!

With first of November, it's time to reveal a thing, which may be called a Magnum Opus, an Anthology... or a hell of a work for a couple people to do, which maybe had to be done someday.

Here, wou will be able to see both history and the future of Classic Tetris around the World - either in form of all data we could gather from all* known Nintendo NES Tetris tournaments, as well as a list of upcoming events.

For now, the team is on a way to put about 2500 matches from a little above 100 events, in (currently) 30 tournament series or league. We have to add all these rather chronologically. So...

For now, we managed to add all NES matches found until 2016. That includes:

  • Classic Tetris World Championship 2010-2016. All matches, including the 8-player bracket from CTWC 2011 and the finał of CTWC 2010, which is probably the first Nintendo NES Tetris match ever. 
  • Classic Tetris European Championship 2015-2016. The premier tournament in PAL version of the game we all like. 
  • 7th German Classic Tetris Championship in Bochum. The GCTC, made by Stefan "Stiban" Binger in its history focused on SNES. There was only one time, when there was NES included - the Finals, where the Organizer himself faced CTWC 2019 competitor, Mattia Fornasiero.
  • Classic Tetris tournament on GamesDoneQuick hotfix. It was a Double Elimination tournament including players like Jonas Neubauer, Harry Hong and Sean "Quaid" Ritchie. 

Dates of the events were put "as accurately as possible". We are aware that there may be mistakes there, but due to started all the data gathering in March 2019, we couldn't get everything from the history. The hours have been "adjusted" to resemble the progres of a tournament (first Round at one hour, second Round later etc). Starting from April 2019, most matches have their hours accurate.

We invite you to create your accounts here and start making the whole base bigger and better. There are many things to improve: starting from writing and/or updating players profiles, though adding photos of competitors, ending at providing info about next tournaments in your area.

Hope you enjoy your visit, Have Fun!